Hi, I am Mathieu Delvaux. Multidisciplinary designer from Belgium and currently studying at Albert Jacquard College.

I am currently looking for an internship.

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An awesome awarded start-up I co-founded which is redefining the way you move in your daily life.

Home screen of NextRide Trip planification in NextRide

Web Basement

A best-design awarded project made for a 24h competition around the theme ‘No more internet, what’s next?’.

Find out
Landing screen of GTFO

Cupcake Factory

Handcrafted an entire visual identity for a local tea room.

To cupcakes!
Overview of Cupcake Factory

Shake'n Cook

Ever ran out of idea for what to eat tonight? This app offers selected recipes randomly to help you decide in seconds.

I'm hungry
Recipes suggestion view of Shake'n Cook Allergy view of Shake'n Cook

Other experiences

I had the opportunity to work at different positions at the Belgian Railways National Company. I also managed to get part of the art direction team of a Belgian night club and had the chance to work with Microsoft France Partners, among other jobs.

I also happened to hold a talk at Google Brussels HQ on the future of transport along with Uber. Super fun 👌🏼

Who am I?

Well, I’m a playful designer, half funny, half serious, based in Belgium. I’m currently a student and a start-up founder, in which I’m also involved as a Product Design Manager.

I enjoy life to the fullest, through my friends, through my job and especially through music. I’m really inspired to make life better for others as much as I can (sounds cliché, I know, swear it’s not✌🏼).

Solving problems with design and crafting unique experiences are things I’ve fallen in love with.

Currently, I’m looking for an awesome internship opportunity to craft beautiful experiences and solve problems through design processes.