Cupcake Factory

Crafting an identity which doesn’t stick to fingers

Pastry everywhere

That's the negative aspect of this job: for a short time I became reluctant to pastry 🍥👀

Moving on, the task here was to create everything from scratch for a local tea room. As simple as can be. No content, no ideas, but two tasteful and passionate owners.

Having absolutely no knowledge of how a tea room identity could look like, I quickly made a few mood boards of all the relevant content I could find.

Photography of two cupcakes side by side

Total discovery

That's one of the critical parts of each design job: knowing your market target. You must identity who you are addressing your creation to and also realize what's already on the market.

Once all research was done, I could finally get started with branding. I turned away from all the market clichés and went for a trendy, classy and fresh look and feel.

The website construction definitely reflects those choices, and is livened with carefully curated photography, once again (photography addict here ✊). The brand colour palette and the images match perfectly.

And I managed to go from nothing to a fully fonctional identity and website in just a bit more than a week actually.

Desktop view of Cupcake Factory website