Web Basement

Discovering opportunities of an unconnected world

Party hackathon

The Web Basement is a yearly event hosted in our school, where current students and alumni get together for a 24 hour-long competition of non-stop coding.

It is litterally hosted in a basement and developed around a new theme each year. The 2016 edition implied that the Internet was dead, and the website we were about to develop will be the last one to ever be shown on a browser.

It was also defined that no form of communication was possible between devices.

After a few hours of party and work, 'Get The F*ck Out' came to life.

Let's go out
The participating students

Outside the box

It's pretty hard to get away of online ideas when your field of study also focuses on online experiences. It requires do find a different way of thinking than usual.

We also did not want to find ourselves working on the same ideas as half the others. After countless iterations, we ended up chosing the knowledge path.

The idea is to suggest POIs – only cities due to limitations – that might be worth a trip to. Simple but effective idea.

After having a hard time with design, I managed to put up a minimalistic approach while still embillishing the little content available.

This experience was designed around photography. The composition revolves around this aspect, and a carefully chosen typography sublimes those graphics.

The iconography construction, from the logo to the icons, is very subtle and expressive. It should not get in the way but it cannot be missed or be misinterpreted.

It seems those choices were the correct ones: our team won the 'Best Design' award of the contest. Bohemian Coding rewarded each member with an amazing Sketch licence.

Home screen of GTFO